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lukas breusch

Falstaff Weinguide Deutschland 2022

Falstaff Weinguide Deutschland 2022

Bereits vergangenes Jahr attestierten wir dem Weingut Bernhard Ellwanger­ eine tadellose Kollektion – daran hat sich auch mit dem Jahrgangswechsel nichts geändert. Herausragend der Riesling »SL« aus dem Steingrüble, erneut sehr gelungen ist ebenfalls der Syrah. Diese Rebsorte scheint im Remstal definitiv Zukunft zu haben, die Klimaerwärmung macht es möglich. Mit dem »GT« beweist Sven Ellwanger­ wiederum, welch Potenzial die traditionelle oft unterschätzte Rebsorte Trollinger hat, die »Kreation CMX« ist eine sehr gelungene, kraftvolle Cuvée.


The family Ellwanger is growing vines now for over 500 years. But only since 1975 we
started to make our own wine. Bernhard and Ingrid Ellwanger started with a garage
winery which is now grown up to a boutique winery growing grapes on 36 ha in the
Remstal. Son Sven and daughter Yvonne both studied wine so the Winery Ellwanger is
still a real family winery. All vineyards are grown on our own, cellared and bottled here
at our estate, which gives us the opportunity to produce absolutely excellent wines.

Großheppach as part of the city of Weinstadt lies in the valley of the Rems, 21 km east of
Stuttgart. Steep southern slopes and profound formations of soil give the perfect
conditions for highest quality wines which each has its own character.

In the region of Württemberg, which is more a red wine region, there is a large amount of
varieties both red and white. For the whites, which makes about one third of our wines,
Riesling is absolutely dominating, honoured by various Riesling awards being sucessful,
but we have also made good success with Sauvignon blanc we are planting since 1999
and which does very well in our region. With the reds there is Trollinger (Vernatsch in
south Italy) which is a very light bright red wine, Lemberger (Blaufränkisch) and of
course, Spätburgunder (Pinot Noir).

Our Philosophy is to work most careful to reach wines which still have the fruityness and
character each grape brings from its vineyard. As we grow our vines on many small
parcels, there are great differences between soil, sun shining intense, water, etc. which
gives each vineyard its own character.

One of our most beautiful vineyards in terms of Riesling is the “Großheppacher
Steingrüble”. This vineyard of coloured marl with its light soil, which has an excellent
heat storage, gives the basic for the characteristic Ellwanger Rieslings - the aromatic fruit
flavours, elegance and finesse.

In the spring of 2001 our group of five young and progressive winegrowers from Swabia
in Southern Germany founded the "Junges Schwaben" organisation. Our close friendship,
openness, cohesion and honest exchange of opinions have motivated us to develop
further and to put a common goal at the centre of our winegrowing activities. Our aim is
to make quality the fundamental maxim in the creation of authentic and unique wines.

With five heads full of ideas and the knowledge gained over many years in our family
enterprises, which span the entire repertoire of Wurttemberg winegrowing, we are
committed to treading new pathways, widening our horizons and providing inspirations
for each other. Our systematic efforts over the last few years have enabled us to establish
ourselves not only in the domestic wine scene but also outside Germany. This gives us –
despite our natural Swabian modesty – a degree of pride, though no grounds for complacency.


  • Kontaktperson: Yvonne Ellwanger
  • Messen: ProWein Düsseldorf
  • Kellermeister: Sven Ellwanger
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  • Ab-Hof-Verkauf
  • Andere Produkte: Edelbrände
  • Produktions/Anbauweise: Konventionell
  • Anbaufläche (in Hektar): 32
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