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Falstaff is an exclusive magazine for sophisticated bon vivants. Along top selected reports and extraordinary photo collections Austria's most prominent Gourmet Brand embodies numerous topics on joy, wine, dine, travel and fulfills a large range of the Savoir-vivre!

Have yourself carried away by the tremendously delicious world of pleasure!

Enjoy your visit!

Your Falstaff-Team

Sir John Falstaff was life-loving gourmet, portrayed in some of William Shakespeare's plays. Giuseppe Verdi also named and based an opera on Falstaff.

Falstaff is Austria's most prominent gourmet publishing brand. The first edition of Falstaff Magazine, that was published over thirty years ago, laid the first step to building the complex and modern brand that successfully communicates pleasure, wine, dining and travel today.
The Austrian Falstaff Magazine is our main platform, accompanied by Wine, Spirits, Bar and Restaurant Guides, Falstaff Gourmetclub, Falstaff Events, our digital platform www.falstaff.at, in addition to many other activities. It might certainly have impressed Sir John Falstaff, just like our customers.

Falstaff is Austria's highest circulating and most widely read publication, that covers the topics of Fine Dining, Wine and Travel. We have been reaching out to a premium level of consumer-oriented readers for over thirty years.

Falstaff in Austria

8 issues per year
46.700 guaranteed print run (figures cawi-certified)
65% name recognition of Falstaff (according to a GFK study)

Regular readership grew in one year from 170.000 to 199.000 readers.
Maximum readership: 612.000 readers
(CAWI Print 2013)

Gourmetclub members, who receive a Falstaff subscription
100 annual Gourmetclub events

For you as our valued advertising customers, these figures show a positive development and represent an impressive confirmation of your cooperation with Falstaff magazine.

Media Data in detail
Please refer to our Media Information 2014 brochure for our publication dates, rates and information about our range of products (Magazine, Guides, Homepage) for Falstaff Austria. Media Data of the german issue on request.

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